April 21, 2006

Cruise baby name has many meanings, expert says

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - It's a Nubian tribe, the word for
"rose" in Persian, the "sun" in Sanskrit and, oh yes, it's also
an obscure variation on the Hebrew name Sarah and refers to
form of an Alpaca's wool.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may have gotten more than they
bargained for naming their daughter Suri when she was born on
Tuesday, according to language expert Paul JJ Payack, head of
the Global Language Monitor, a group that studies word use.

Payack said he found at least five meanings for Suri,
including the name of a Nubian tribe on the Sudanese-Ethopian
border. The tribe is known for the ceremonial clay plate
inserted into the lower lip of Suri girls after their lower
teeth have been extracted.

Suri also refers to the sun in Sanskrit, an ancient
Indo-European language in which the word's meaning sometimes is
translated as "lord" or "ruler."

Moreover, Suri is the name for the wool of the Andean

In Persian, it means rose, though not necessarily a red
rose, as Cruise and Holmes said through their spokesman when
the birth was announced.

Payack said Suri was also a relatively rare variation of
the biblical name Sarah, which means "lady" or "princess."

Combined with the child's last name, which in English means
to move or go along, especially in an unhurried or unconcerned
fashion, Payack added that Suri Cruise could translate to: "The
ruling Nubian sun princess unhurriedly moving along wearing a
rose-colored blanket."