April 23, 2006

CORRECTED: DiCaprio given medical care in S.Africa: hospital

(Corrects third paragraph to say the star of the
Oscar-winning "Titanic")

By Mateus Chale

MAPUTO (Reuters) - Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio was
flown from location in Mozambique to neighboring South Africa
for medical treatment, a hospital official and his publicist
said on Saturday.

A Johannesburg newspaper said he had been injured while
filming his latest movie "The Blood Diamond" but the hospital
official could only say he had had X-rays.

The official told Reuters the star of the Oscar-winning
"Titanic" had arrived on Friday at the hospital in Nelspruit,
near the Kruger National Park, with an entourage of bodyguards.

"He walked into the hospital grounds surrounded by
bodyguards," said Robyn Baard, spokeswoman for the Nelspruit

He consulted a doctor for about two hours and then left,
presumably for the flight back to Mozambique, Baard said.

Robert Harris, publicist for "The Blood Diamond," told
Reuters in Mozambique that DiCaprio was injured while running,
but offered no further details.

"It was a minor injury. He was running when it happened. We
took him to hospital in South Africa because we just wanted to
make sure he was okay, and that done, he is now back to work,"
Harris said.

Johannesburg's Citizen newspaper said DiCaprio, 31, had
been injured during filming but also gave no details.

"Nothing was ever released about the nature of the
consultation. He was never a hospital patient really, so in
terms of doctor-patient confidentiality we were not told what
the consultation was about," Baard said by telephone.

"The Blood Diamond," due for release later this year and
directed by Edward Zwick, is set amid the chaos of civil war.
It is centered around two men who find a rare gem that can
change their lives of dramatically opposite backgrounds.

Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony, is transforming its
economy after emerging from nearly two decades of civil war in
1992, but remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

Security has been tight around DiCaprio during the filming,
with photographers and journalists kept away from the location.
Private security consultants have been backed up by Mozambique
police in securing shooting locations.

Witnesses said shooting of the film went ahead on schedule
on Saturday in downtown Maputo, where bullet-scarred buildings
can still be found.