April 25, 2006

Tom Cruise swaps nappy changing for UK premiere

LONDON (Reuters) - Tom Cruise put off seeing his newborn
daughter to attend the British premiere of his new action film,
"Mission: Impossible III," on Tuesday.

The Hollywood actor had been due to return to the United
States to see his bride-to-be Katie Holmes and baby Suri, but
decided instead to stay in Europe for a publicity tour.

Wearing a black suit and shirt and dark glasses, he made
one of his customary extended walkabouts in London's Leicester
Square. He posed for pictures, chatted to fans and signed
autographs for four hours.

"I talked with Katie and she said 'go'," he told Reuters
Television. "I realised that there would be people who'd be
disappointed if I wasn't going to come."

It is Cruise's third outing as the American agent Ethan
Hunt in the spy thriller based on the 1960s television series.
The film takes him from Shanghai to the Vatican City.

Part of the film was shot in Rome, the city where Cruise
and Holmes, known in tabloid shorthand as "TomKat," first made
their romance public.

At his last premiere in London, Cruise was squirted with a
water pistol by a bogus TV reporter working for a comedy show.

The man used a fake microphone to spray the actor as he
chatted to journalists before the UK premiere of "War of the
Worlds." A flustered Cruise grabbed the man and repeatedly
called him a "jerk."

On Tuesday, Cruise laughed off the incident, saying he had
no fears of being doused again. "I love it here, it didn't
change anything," he said.