May 4, 2006

Japanese horror producer signs deal with Fox

By Gregg Kilday

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Japanese horror film
producer Taka Ichise has signed a three-year production deal
with 20th Century Fox, his first pact with a Hollywood studio.

Taka, who has produced more than 50 genre movies, is a
leading figure in the Japanese horror genre, also known as
J-horror, which in turn has influenced American horror movies.

He is best known for producing "Ju-on" and its sequel
"Ju-on 2," which have been remade in the U.S. as "The Grudge"
and "The Grudge 2." Released by Sony Pictures, the first film,
starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, grossed $110 million
domestically, while its sequel, "The Grudge 2," is scheduled
for release in October.

Taka also produced the 1998 Japanese hit "Ringu," which was
remade by DreamWorks as "The Ring," which grossed $128 million
domestically. His film "Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara" was remade
in the U.S. as "Dark Water" and released by Disney.

Taka is developing "The Entity" at Fox Searchlight with
Hideo Nakata attached to direct. Also in development are an
untitled horror project at Paramount Pictures with director
Takashi Shimizu attached; a remake of "Creepshow" for Warner
Bros. Pictures; and remakes of two of his J-horror films,
"Infection" and "Premonition," for New Line Cinema.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter