May 9, 2006

CORRECTED-Clear Channel signs Whoopi Goldberg to host radio show

Please read in first paragraph... Goldberg ...instead of...
Golberg ... .

By Sue Zeidler

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actress and comedian Whoopi
Goldberg said on Tuesday that she would host a radio show aimed
at bringing back women listeners who have turned increasingly
to morning television.

The Oscar, Grammy and Emmy-winning star, who has also
hosted her own television show, said she reached a deal with
radio giant Clear Channel Communications Inc to host a live,
morning show to be called "Wake Up With Whoopi."

"Radio is an area I have always wanted to play in,"
Goldberg told Reuters in an interview. "There aren't many women
helming their own shows. ...It's hard to compete with the big
boys who rule the morning airwaves, so our goal is to serve up
something very different.."

The show will blend music, talk on daily topics, comedy,
call-ins and guests. It will air during the morning drive-time
slot and will be syndicated nationally through Clear Channel
Communications Inc's Premiere Radio Networks.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Goldberg's decision to air on terrestrial radio comes at a
time when many big names are jumping to lucrative satellite
radio gigs, like Howard Stern's $500 million 5-year deal with
Sirius Satellite Radio Inc..

She said she chose free, terrestrial radio because she was
hoping to have a "real impact" on people.

"I'm hopeful we can bring folks in. I don't think we can
change habits overnight, but we can offer an alternative. I'm
hoping she (the female listener) can even remember the radio is
there. Maybe, she'll turn the TV down," Goldberg said.

John Hogan, president and chief executive of Clear
Channel's radio division, said signing Goldberg offered the
company a great chance to spark interest among women who have
been waking up to morning television for the past 15 years.

When asked if she would have to curb her sometimes risque
comedy and political views to conform with broadcast
regulations, Goldberg, a grandmother, said she planned to make
the show family-friendly.

"The truth of the matter is when I'm doing my shows for HBO
and my own work, it's a different kind of show. This will be a
way to hang out with kids in the morning and get them going for
school. It's a different groove.," she said.

"It's not that I didn't want to do satellite or that it was
not an option. But Clear Channel felt like a better fit for
what I'm interested in doing. There are so many jocks out
there, but I have a different way of being. I haven't heard
someone quite like me in the morning," she said.

"I don't want to have to worry about doing the 'gossip
moment.' I don't want to put anyone down or talk mean about
people. I think I'll have a different approach and there's a
lot of interesting stuff to talk about," she said.

"The thing I really want to know is where to get a great
hot dog. There's a lot of soundbites out there, but not a lot
of interesting (everyday) information," she said.