May 15, 2006

MySpace to begin selling “24” episodes: WSJ

NEW YORK (Reuters) - News Corp.'s will begin
selling episodes of Fox's "24" next week as part of a plan to
turn the popular teen website into a business rivaling Yahoo
Inc. and Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes, according to the Wall
Street Journal.

MySpace, one of the fastest growing Web properties, will
begin selling episodes of the show "24" for $1.99 per episode
from seasons one and five, the report said.

Two free episodes of the show will also be available,
sponsored by Burger King Holdings, according to the Journal.

In recent months, TV networks have rushed to make their
shows available for sale on iTunes for $1.99, including News
Corp.-owned Fox, which sealed a deal to sell shows on the
service last week.

A spokesman for News Corp. could not be reached for