May 15, 2006

Decision due in lawsuit by Bob Marley bassist

LONDON (Reuters) - A lawsuit filed by Bob Marley's bass
guitarist Aston "Family Man" Barrett, who is seeking 60 million
pounds ($113.2 million) in unpaid royalties from Island Records
and the Marley family, is due to be decided in London's High
Court on Monday.

Barrett, who has 52 children, testified that he and his
brother Carlton Barrett, a drummer for the famous reggae band
who was murdered in 1985, did not receive much money following
Marley's death from cancer in 1981. They played on numerous
albums by Bob Marley and the Wailers, including "Natty Dread,"
"Rastaman Vibration" and "Babylon by Bus."

During the trial, Marley's widow Rita and Island Records
founder Chris Blackwell downplayed the contributions of the
brothers and said Aston Barrett surrendered his right to
further royalties in a 1994 agreement.

Island Records is part of Universal Music Group, the
world's biggest music company and a unit of France's Vivendi.