June 4, 2006

Cruise plays action man for “M:I3″ Japan premiere

By Julian Ryall

TOKYO (Hollywood Reporter) - Tom Cruise will recreate an
action scene from "Mission: Impossible 3" when he travels to
Japan later this month for the local premiere.

The film's distributor, United International Pictures, will
spend 2 billion yen ($17.7 million) on the unprecedented
publicity campaign before it opens in Japan in July.

Cruise will arrive at the June 20 Tokyo premiere in a
speedboat, chased by a helicopter beneath the Rainbow Bridge,
which crosses Tokyo Bay.

He also will commandeer a bullet train with 150 fans aboard
and chat with them individually for the 2.5-hour journey from
Tokyo to Osaka. After arriving in Osaka, the passengers will
attend a gala screening of the movie.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter