June 14, 2006

Sci-Fi Channel ponders “Doomsday” scenarios

By Marilyn Moss

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - There might be a bit of
the panic button pushed on this thrilling two-hour telecast,
but the threats it recounts are no less frightening for it, no
less doomsday material.

Matt Lauer hosts "Countdown to Doomsday," a telecast from
Sci Fi Channel that should make every one of us sit up and take

Nevermind the Wellesian-"War of the Worlds" feel of the
telecast, Lauer hosts a look at some very real threats that
face us and our planet.

The question is begged time and again: Would we survive?
These are natural disasters for the most part, though here
they're given a bit of the melodramatic to help the message
sink in.

With a team of scientific experts behind them, the
producers of "Doomsday" look closely (and graphically) at such
possible horrors as volcanoes, asteroid impacts, gamma ray
bursts, solar flames, pandemics and the like.

The disasters we should specifically notice are the
possibilities of terrorism and -- are we paying attention? --
indications of global warming. The images are mesmerizing as is
the subject itself.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter