June 30, 2006

Hart Sharp fattening up on Spurlock projects

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Hart Sharp Video is
about to get supersized.

The independent DVD supplier, headed by veteran video
marketer Joe Amodei, has inked a deal with Oscar-nominated
filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and his production company, Warrier
Poets, to distribute a new line of documentaries under the
Morgan Spurlock Presents... label.

Spurlock and Amodei will pick the titles based on "distinct
social relevance and importance to society and the world
today," the official announcement said. The two worked together
two years ago when Hart Sharp distributed Spurlock's
controversial "Super Size Me" docu, in which he chronicled his
rapid weight gain and health deterioration while eating nothing
but McDonald's fast food for 30 days.

Hart Sharp expects to release on DVD four to six Morgan
Spurlock Presents... titles a year.

The first two titles in the series are "The Future of
Food," a docu by Deborah Koons Garcia about genetically
modified foods and their potential impact on society, and
"Czech Dreams," which chronicles the adventures of two film
students who set out to document the influence of Western
consumerism on Czech society.

"We're looking for movies that people haven't been clued
into or that have gotten lost in the shuffle," Spurlock said.
"A lot of good movies come out but don't get distribution or
TV, and we want to help people see these films that we feel are
important and that might have an impact on them."

Spurlock said he and Amodei will look beyond DVD and
theatrical and help filmmakers get television distribution as

Amodei, who founded Hart Sharp Video in 2003, said Spurlock
"has the remarkable ability to capture different issues in our
society on film. And we look forward to bringing these films
into the marketplace."

Spurlock is keeping busy. Warrior Poets in the fall will
release a new docu that he produced which explores the
commercialization of Christmas. Spurlock's critically hailed TV
series, "30 Days," begins its second season on FX this year.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter