June 30, 2006

Jennifer Lopez thwarts tell-all book, for now

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Jennifer Lopez's first husband has
agreed not to publish intimate details or criticism of the
actress-singer while they try to settle a lawsuit over his
planned tell-all book, court documents showed on Friday.

A preliminary injunction between the star and her former
spouse, Ojani Noa, was signed by a Los Angeles Superior Court
judge on Thursday and made public a day later, resulting in the
cancellation of a hearing in the case.

Lopez sued Noa in April to stop him from publishing an
expose she said would breach a nondisclosure,
"non-disparagement" pact between them. She then obtained a
temporary restraining order to prevent him from going ahead
with the proposed book.

The preliminary injunction signed this week will remain in
effect until either the two settle their dispute or a nonjury
trial is held to decide whether the latest court order will
remain permanent.

Under the injunction, the Cuban-born Noa is barred from
"criticizing, denigrating, casting in a negative light or
otherwise disparaging" Lopez. He also may not disclose for
financial gain "any private or intimate details" about Lopez or
their relationship, the court order stated.

Moreover, Noa may not sell or circulate a manuscript of the
book and must retrieve any book materials from anyone who may
have possession of them and inform those parties that they,
too, are barred from disseminating them.

In the meantime, both sides were directed to try to
"resolve their dispute without engaging in further litigation,"
the court order states.

According to Lopez's lawsuit, Noa's plans for a tell-all
book were revealed in a January 2006 New York Post article,
which included the claim Lopez carried on an affair with salsa
singer Marc Anthony while he was still married to Puerto Rican
model and beauty queen Dayanara Torres.

Anthony and Lopez married in June 2004, just days after he
was divorced from Torres, and five months after Lopez broke off
her much-publicized engagement to actor Ben Affleck.

Lopez, 36, claims that Noa's proposed book would violate
the terms of a previous legal settlement in which the two were
barred from revealing private details about the other for
monetary gain and from criticizing each other publicly.

Lopez's 10 1/2-month marriage to Noa, the first of her
three husbands and who was working at a restaurant when they
met, ended in divorce in January 1998. She married her second
spouse, dancer Chris Judd, in September 2001 and filed for
divorce from him the following July.