July 11, 2006

Koppel to return as guest to “Nightline”

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former ABC News "Nightline" anchor
Ted Koppel will return to his old show as a guest on Tuesday,
marking his first appearance on the program since he stepped
down as host last November, the network said.

Koppel, who is in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, working on a report
for his new employer, the Discovery Channel, will appear via
satellite hookup for an interview by Terry Moran, one of the
new trio of "Nightline" anchors who replaced Koppel.

ABC News said Koppel and Moran will discuss Senate
Judiciary Committee hearings on the treatment of individuals
held at the controversial U.S. detention center in Cuba.

Koppel, a 42-year ABC News veteran who built "Nightline"
into a late-night TV news institution 25 years ago in the midst
of the U.S.-Iranian hostage crisis, anchored his last segment
of the program on November 22.

In January, he reached a multiyear deal with Discovery to
produce and host a series of news documentaries and town
hall-style broadcasts for the cable channel starting in the
fall. Joining him at Discovery were his longtime producing
partner Tom Bettag and eight other ex-"Nightline" staffers.

In separate deals, the English-born Koppel, 66, also signed
on to National Public Radio as a senior news analyst and joined
the New York Times as a contributing columnist.