July 26, 2006

Brando script, Dean clothes in memorabilia auction

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Marlon Brando's annotated script of
"The Godfather," letters from playwright Tennessee Williams and
dozens of other personal items are going up for auction in the
latest sale to open the door on the once highly reclusive

Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas said on Wednesday the
October 6-7 sale comprised about 100 items ranging from
Brando's harmonica to his BAFTA British film award for the 1952
movie "Viva Zapata!" and still photographs taken during the
filming of "Apocalypse Now."

The auction also features clothes worn in the films "East
of Eden" and "Rebel Without a Cause" by James Dean. They were
consigned for auction by a recently closed James Dean museum in

The Dallas event is thought to be the second major sale of
Brando memorabilia since the legendary actor died of lung
failure in Los Angeles in July 2004 at the age of 80.

"Brando was simply one of the greatest actors and he was so
reclusive in life that his mystique will always be celebrated,"
Doug Norwine, director of music and entertainment memorabilia
at Heritage Auction Galleries, told Reuters. "These are such
wild cards the prices could go through the roof."

A June 2005 auction of Brando's personal effects at
Christie's in New York raised more than $2.4 million -- more
than twice the presale estimate -- and included an annotated
script of "The Godfather," which sold for a record $312,800.

Norwine said there was more than one "Godfather" script.
The one being auctioned in October had been certified as
genuine by Brando's assistant of 50 years, Alice Marchak, who
has contributed most of the items.

"She (Marchak) said this was the script he would take into
the trailer and practice his lines with. It is also signed," he
said. He said the conservative estimate for the script was at
least $35,000.

Brando, who won Oscars for "On the Waterfront" and "The
Godfather," shunned mainstream Hollywood in the last 25 years
of his life.

According to his biographer Peter Manso, he left
instructions his bedroom be sealed with a padlock on his death.
Manso said last year he thought Brando would be turning in his
grave at having his belongings auctioned.