August 3, 2006

FCC orders Time Warner to reinstate NFL Network

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday ordered Time Warner Cable to immediately reinstate the NFL Network back onto cable systems it acquired from Adelphia Communications Corp.

The NFL Network asked the agency to intervene after it accused the No. 2 U.S. cable operator of dropping the channel on August 1 in violation of FCC rules that required 30 days notice to subscribers for such action.

"We direct that Time Warner reinstate carriage of the NFL Network on all of its newly acquired systems on the same terms under which it was carried prior to August 1, 2006, until we are able to resolve the NFL's Petition on the merits," the FCC said.

The NFL Network had asked the FCC to take enforcement action against Time Warner and require the cable operator to reinstate the channel until sufficient notice had been given to customers.

A spokesman for Time Warner Cable, which is owned by Time Warner Inc., had no immediate comment.

The NFL preseason kicks off on August 10, and its regular season begins September 7. The network plans to show 54 NFL preseason games and eight regular season primetime games this year, according to the FCC.