August 4, 2006

Cornell plotting first solo album since ’99

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Audioslave's third album,
"Revelations," is penciled in for a September 5 release, but
it's not the only thing on singer Chris Cornell's plate these

Under his own name, Cornell has entered the world of film
music, writing and recording songs for the next James Bond
entry, "Casino Royale," and for the independent movie "Bug."
And he confirmed that he's also planning to record his second
solo album starting in September.

"I'm always writing," Cornell told "There's
a song here, a song there that I wouldn't be able to put on an
Audioslave record. Audioslave's really been more of a
collaboration, anyway, and I'm a guy that writes a lot of
songs, and I write a lot by myself."

Cornell said he's "just finishing up" the songs for the
solo set, which he'll release in 2007. It will be the former
Soundgarden singer's first since 1999's "Euphoria Morning," and
he said it will sound "completely different" than Audioslave.

"I wrote the film songs," Cornell said, "and I've had some
other ones lying around (and) a lot of new songs, just because
the ideas are coming. Once I realized I was enjoying doing that
again, then I definitely started taking it more seriously and
have put together material for a whole record."

The Bond track, "You Know My Name," came as a surprise to
fans -- and to Cornell himself. "I just got a call," he
recalled, "and at first I thought there must be some kind of
mistake." But after seeing the script and studying up on the
new Bond actor, Daniel Craig, Cornell decided "I'm actually the
right guy for the job. Everybody I met with said the same thing
-- 'This isn't anything like any other James Bond film, so we
don't really want that song, either. So go do whatever you

Cornell co-wrote "You Know My Name" with longtime Bond
composer David Arnold and described it as "more uptempo and a
little more aggressive than any other Bond theme has been,
maybe since Paul McCartney ('Live and Let Die'). It has an
orchestra, but it also has some angry sounding guitar, and it's
got feedback."

"Casino Royale" is scheduled to open November 17 in U.S.
theatres. Cornell also said Audioslave isn't planning to tour
in support of "Revelations" until early 2007.