August 10, 2006

Model Kate Moss makes big comeback in autumn ads

By Jane Barrett

MADRID (Reuters) - A year is a long time in fashion.

Last September, Kate Moss was persona non grata after a
British newspaper printed pictures of her apparently snorting
large amounts of cocaine.

High street fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz temporarily
pulled an advertising campaign featuring the British
supermodel, Parisian fashion house Chanel said they would not
renew her contract and she was notable for her absence from
Burberry ads.

Fast forward almost a year and Moss is not only back, she
dominates the fashion world once again.

Pick up the hefty new issue of British Vogue and a glowing
Moss graces the cover. Flick through the ads for the new autumn
collections and the cheekbones that made her millions appear
for eight different labels -- a huge number for one magazine.

From a sleek Louis Vuitton ad to a supermodel-inspired
photo for Versace to a languid nude shot for Longchamp and a
return to the British house of Burberry, the 32-year-old is

"Her fall was significant and it is interesting to see her
rehabilitation," said Jay Fishman, managing director of
Financial Research Associates, adviser to celebrity businesses.

"In some ways it shows us how tolerant people can be of
celebrities' foibles if they do what they are supposed to do to
get out of it. A lot of people buy into the story of 'I've
overcome my demons and I'm back'," he added.

After the photographs were printed, Moss went to a U.S.
drug rehabilitation clinic and issued an official apology for
her behavior, although she made no direct reference to the
Daily Mirror allegations she took illegal drugs. The Crown
Prosecution Service said she would face no charges over the

Fame may be lucrative but a pedestal can be a dangerous
place to stand as celebrities' words and actions are
scrutinized by the public and the media.

Recently it has been actor and director Mel Gibson's turn
to hit the spotlight with anti-Semitic comments he made after
being caught speeding under the influence of alcohol. Gibson,
who has admitted drink problems, said he had started a recovery

Gibson's friends say this is a blip in his career and his
talent will bring him back into the fold, as it has with Moss.

Virgin Mobile, which used Moss in a television advert just
months after the drug allegations, summed up the star quality
that outlives a wave of bad press.

"Kate Moss is an icon," its brand director said.