August 16, 2006

Nobel laureate Grass’ prize not in danger

HELSINKI (Reuters) - The Nobel Foundation said on Wednesday
it would not revoke the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to
Guenter Grass after the German author confessed to serving in
the Waffen-SS, Adolf Hitler's elite Nazi troops.

Grass, who won the prize in 1999, said in a newspaper
interview last week that he had been called up to the Waffen-SS
at 17, an admission which has seen the Nobel laureate come
under attack from writers, critics, historians and politicians.

Some have called for him to be stripped of the prize.

"A prize has never been taken back. Once somebody has
accepted a prize it is impossible to withdraw it," said Jonna
Petterson, spokeswoman at the Nobel Foundation, the body which
finances the Nobel prizes.

"It has never happened and will most likely never happen in
the future either. It (the award) is final once it has been