August 23, 2006

CNN’s Amanpour on the trail of bin Laden

By Marilyn Moss

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - CNN's fascinating
documentary "In the Footsteps of bin Laden" is a biography of
sorts, a bio of a man and of a growing terrorist landscape.

It's information we should have. Reported by Christiane
Amanpour (who better?), the documentary charts bin Laden's
growth as a man and as a radical. Hardly a detail of his life
and life's work is left behind in the fast-moving look at this
elusive man.

Bin Laden's desire to be a holy warrior and to slay the
infidels gets good play here, not only the origins of that
agenda but also the twists and turns it has taken. Born to a
wealthy family, then transforming into a figure of mythic
proportions, bin Laden offers one of the most fascinating tales
of the 20th century. The documentary delves deep into the man's
motivations, religious fervor and radicalism. Interviews with
childhood friends, family members and followers, along with
media and Middle East experts, paint a portrait with much depth
and explanation. As the title suggests, we remain in his
footsteps even as we know him better.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter