August 23, 2006

Paris Hilton music video censored in India

By Nyay Bhushan

NEW DELHI (Hollywood Reporter) - Paris Hilton is too hot
for Indian censors.

The country's Central Board of Film Certification has
issued an "Adult" certification for her new music video "Stars
Are Blind," which means it cannot be broadcast on any channel.

An official at her local label, EMI Virgin India Ltd.,
reported that the board said the clip had sexual connotations.

"In fact, we had edited the video and sent a fresh copy,
but they weren't happy with that," said Narendra Kusnur, the
label's manager of international A&R (artists and repertoire).

Since the marketing campaign for Hilton's debut album
"Paris," released in India Tuesday, has been sponsored by a
shampoo company, the "Stars" video will be streamed on a
promotional Web site,, once
details are worked out.

"To the best of our knowledge, there are no rules yet
regarding censorship on the 'Net so we plan to use the online
platform to generate buzz," said EMI Virgin marketing manager
Kaveri Khullar.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter