August 27, 2006

Celebrities sweat before Emmys but not from nerves

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - If the 58th annual Emmy Awards
proved one thing, it's that the stars are human. They sweat
just like the rest of us.

Television stars weren't perspiring from pre-award show
nerves on the red carpet on Sunday but rather from sweltering
California heat that brought out handkerchiefs and hand-held
fans. The heat caused hairdos to droop and made inelegant
stains on glamorous silk gowns.

"It's hotter than a 10 cent cigar," said comedian Stephen
Colbert of "The Colbert Report."

"I'm sorry I'm sweating, it's too hot," said actress
Jennifer Love Hewitt. "We should be in Emmy bikinis."

Supermodel Tyra Banks of the reality show "America's Top
Model," had her face dabbed by a handler as she made her way
down the red carpet, while a nearby reporter fainted from
standing in the heat, bringing out the paramedics.

In a TV Guide tent in the shade, comedian Joan Rivers,
wearing black, performed the 1,000th interview of her career on
the red carpet with "Will & Grace"'s Debra Messing.

"Tyra Banks was beyond beautiful but her back was like the
Nile River," Rivers said. "Everybody was sweating it was so
awful. It was the cruelest thing they could do to any woman."

"I died," Rivers added. "I think I've lost 3 pounds --- I'm
very, very happy. I thought of it as work and a spa."

Rivers said the heat really didn't bother her if taking the
long view. "My career is such a lucky career -- somewhere in a
previous life I washed lepers' feet. I bet the lepers were in
Manolo Blahniks (expensive designer shoes)."