August 31, 2006

Norwegian police find Munch’s “The Scream”

OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian police recovered "The Scream"
and another stolen masterpiece by Edvard Munch on Thursday, two
years after the works were seized from a museum by gunmen.

"We are 100 percent certain they are the originals," police
chief Iver Stensrud told a news conference. "The damage was
much less than feared."

"The Scream" depicts a terrified figure under a blood-red
sky. The other, "Madonna," shows a bare-breasted woman with
long black hair.

Two armed men broke into the Munch Museum in Oslo in August
2004 and yanked the two works from the walls in front of dozens
of terrified tourists.

The paintings, both from 1893, have been missing even
though three men were convicted in May of taking part in the
theft and were sentenced to up to eight years in jail. Two of
them were ordered to pay $122 million in damages.