September 3, 2006

Shakira may shake a leg for Bollywood film

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Latino pop singer Shakira is interested
in dancing for a Bollywood film that her Indian
choreographer-filmmaker friend will begin shooting this year, a
newspaper reported on Monday.

The Times of India said Shakira was so impressed while
working with top Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan during
rehearsals for last week's MTV awards that she expressed a
desire to dance in the planned film.

"Right now, it is just that we have agreed to work with
each other," Khan was quoted as saying.

The Indian choreographer is to direct "Om Shanti Om" later
this year.

Bollywood's Hindi movies are known for their elaborate
song-and-dance numbers.

Khan told the newspaper Shakira would visit India for a
concert in March next year and the movie dance sequence could
be shot at that time.

The sultry singer and her troupe performed a hip-shaking,
Bollywood-inspired rendition of "Hips Don't Lie" at the MTV
ceremony in New York last Friday.

"She is definitely clued in to Bollywood dance and wants me
to incorporate it in her next music video which she wants me to
direct for her," Khan was quoted as saying.

Bollywood is the world's largest movie industry by volume
and ticket sales, and its music numbers are often huge hits in