October 27, 2006

Ugine Stainless & Alloys Becomes UGITECH USA

DOYLESTOWN, Pa., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Ugine Stainless & Alloys announced that it has become part of the newly formed company Schmolz + Bickenbach AG and will now operate as UGITECH USA, responsible for all sales and distribution of UGITECH division products in North America.

The move is part of a global expansion made this year by Schmolz + Bickenbach, a company with a tradition that dates back over a century, and today the leading supplier of high quality specialty steel solutions worldwide.

"This is a tremendous step forward in our evolution," says UGITECH USA Executive Vice President Mike Walsh, "and should reassure our clients and suppliers that we are committed to maintaining the strength of our core business and expanding into new product areas."

As Ugine Stainless & Alloys, UGITECH USA enjoyed a successful track record as a specialized distributor of specialty steel long products with six U.S. stocking locations.

"Now the company is positioned to expand on other product and market opportunities, leveraging the vast sourcing possibilities that exist among affiliated Schmolz + Bickenbach AG companies," claims Walsh. "For our industry affiliates and customers, this means we can expand our level of participation and reach throughout North America, access new capital, and become a predominant supplier of top quality specialty steel products."

Schmolz + Bickenbach, Walsh explains, has created a new model for success in specialty steels by integrating production and distribution while investing in the success of the new global entity. "We are strategically positioned in a group that has a proven track record for delivering healthy business growth throughout their production, processing and distribution activities," Walsh says.

The integration of these core competencies, he adds, "should excite our customers and draw admiration from our competition."


UGITECH USA Is a North American distribution arm of UGITECH, a Stainless and Nickel Alloys Long Products division of Schmolz + Bickenbach AG, UGITECH USA has been directly servicing the US market with our six strategically located stocking locations since 1990. Our specialty steel products and unique approach set us apart from other steel mills and distributors. At the core of our organization success is our immediate product availability, custom orders, dedicated inventory programs, and strong metallurgical and mechanical engineering support. Combined with our knowledge of our customers, and our source of stainless quality provide a competitive advantage for our clients.

   Website: http://www.ugitechusa.com/    About UGITECH  

UGITECH is a company within Schmolz + Bickenbach stainless steel activity that is specialized in stainless steel and nickel alloy long products, (semis, bars, wire rod and drawn wires). Its main markets are the process, automotive, construction and food processing industries in which UGITECH has a leadership position. UGITECH is headquartered in Ugine (Savoie, France) and globally employs more than 2000, mainly in Europe (France, Germany, Italy ...) and in the USA.

   Website: http://www.ugitech.com/    About Schmolz + Bickenbach  

Schmolz + Bickenbach Group is a fast growing producer, processor and distributor of specialty and stainless steels in long product form (bar, wire rod, and drawn wire) with the highest level of service to customers. Schmolz + Bickenbach has a global workforce of approximately 10,000 at more than 50 locations in Western and Eastern Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia and Asia. Schmolz + Bickenbach Group operates a large sales network present in more than 25 countries with annual sales of more than 4 billion euros. The company is headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Website: http://www.schmolz-bickenbach.com/


CONTACT: Jill DeLucia, Marketing & Communications, +1-215-345-5200,extension 460, or Michael Walsh, Executive Vice President, +1-215-345-5200,extension 306, both of UGITECH USA

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