Entertainment News Archive - August 31, 2006

By Krittivas Mukherjee MUMBAI (Reuters) - A rare Bollywood sequel to a blockbuster comedy about a lovable thug opens on Friday, reviving the pranks of the gangster who must dodge barbs from independence icon Mahatma Gandhi this time to win his ladylove.

By Chris Morris LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - With the release of his new album "Modern Times" this week, Bob Dylan has been inescapable in the press.

By Gregg Goldstein NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Michael Apted's slave-trade drama "Amazing Grace" has lined up a U.S. distribution deal on the eve of the Toronto International Film Festival, where it will make its world premiere in the closing-night slot.

By Eric J. Lyman and Stuart Kemp VENICE, Italy (H

By Chris Marlowe LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - In a first for the U.S. market, the struggling Mobile ESPN network is offering live and complete football games for viewing on cell phones.

By Thomas K. Arnold LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - With the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks approaching, several new DVDs touch upon the tragic events of that day.

By Jonathan Cohen NEW YORK (Billboard) - The firs

If the upcoming movies "Hollywoodland" and "The Black Dahlia" prove anything, it's that making a movie set in old Los Angeles ain't what it used to be.

By Adam Pasick LONDON (Reuters) - British public broadcaster Channel 4 is courting controversy with what it calls a "shockingly real" drama about the fictional assassination of President George W. Bush.

By Silvia Aloisi ROME (Reuters) - It's the lion versus the she-wolf.

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