Entertainment News Archive - August 30, 2008

By MARK A. PERIGARD Now the networks hit the reset button. That nasty business of the writers strike that clipped so many shows you love (and more than a few freshman series you were just starting to get to know)? Forgotten.

By JAMES VERNIERE The warm weather isn't completely gone, but it is time to wrap up the summer movie season. Heath Ledger's Joker was a boogeyman from beyond the grave. A trash compactor named Wall Originally published by By JAMES VERNIERE. (c) 2008 Boston Herald. Provided by ProQuest LLC.

By Jeff Miers To the average listener whoever that is, and however you choose to measure him or her -- the names Brian Eno and David Byrne might be considered peripheral to the mainstream.

By MARK SHECHNER Past efforts to translate Philip Roth's books into film have produced one dog after another. They include Larry Peerce's "Goodbye Columbus" (1969), Ernest Lehman's gagfest "Portnoy's Complaint" (1972) and Robert Benton's dreary "The Human Stain" (2003).

By TONI RUBERTO It's a children's story set in a town whose macabre residents have skeletal faces, razor-sharp teeth and limbs sewn together. But don't be scared -- the kids who watch "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas" aren't.

By STEPHEN SCHAEFER Hollywood's summer paycheck got a hefty bonus - thanks to "The Dark Knight," the most popular movie in America since 1997's"Titanic." With more than $500 million in domestic box-office gross earnings as we approach Labor Day weekend, which officially ends Hollywood's Summer '08, Christopher Nolan's Batman sequel was such an enormous moneymaker for Warner Bros.

The Reactionary Ensemble, contrary to what its name might suggest, is not a group of political traditionalists pining away for an old regime. This group, led by artist Brian Milbrand, could scarcely be more progressive.

By ELMER PLOETZ There's no mention of the events of Sept.

By KERRY PURCELL The band: Mike Serra (guitar, voice), Nick Serra (bass) and Tyler Saraca (drums); all hail from Walpole.

By JED GOTTLIEB Michael Jackson turns 50 today. His nose turns 20 (sorry, we couldn't resist). With Madonna and Prince also at the half-century mark - the Material Girl got her AARP card Aug.

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