Microsoft Unveils New Windows Store Details
December 7, 2011

Microsoft Unveils New Windows Store Details

Microsoft has unveiled details of its new Windows Store that is set to launch in February 2012.

The Windows Store will allow users to buy applications online for Windows 8-based PCs, desktops, laptops and tablets when the systems launches next year.

The store will be accompanying competitors' stores like Apple's App Store, Google's Android market and the Blackberry App World.  Microsoft currently runs a Windows Phone Marketplace where it sells third-party software.

The company is extending its marketplace store to enable developers to sell their apps in 231 markets and in over 100 languages.

Developers can offer their software for free, or for the minimum price of a $1.49, which is higher than competitors' prices.

Microsoft is distinguishing itself from competition by offering software writers 80 percent of the revenue from app sales and in-app purchases using its payment process.  it will also allow developers to use their own transaction platforms for in-app sales.

The company will also offer developers software to help them see how far their app has progressed along in the approval process.

Microsoft said the platform will support time-based and feature-based trials, allowing customers to try out software before committing to an in-app purchase without the need to reload a separate version of the code.

Microsoft's Antoine Leblond said that the 500 million or so Windows 7 licenses that the company has sold to date is more than all the Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android-based devices that have been sold combined.


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