Day Two At CES, Crowd Keeps Growing
January 11, 2012

Day Two At CES, Crowd Keeps Growing

So far, the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show has failed to disappoint, except when it comes to walking space.

Press releases say this year is on track to be another record year at the event, but to those in attendance, that only means less room to breathe.

Between walking around the Las Vegas Convention Center's 1.8 million square foot floor space trying to find new products like Corning's Gorilla Glass 2, adding 150,000 plus in attendance only makes the journey that much harder.

However, it all seems worth it at the end of the day when you look back at all the cool-new gadgets you got to see that have yet to be released.

Some products, such as Sony's Crystal LED display, are just prototypes, with no word on if consumers will ever get the chance to snatch one up.

The televisions are the main-event for another year here at CES, but the most over produced product seems to be iPhone cases.  About every 50-feet there is another manufacturer trying to show you that their plastic case with an elephant design on the back is better than the competitor's next door.

I would say the underdog of the event is applications.  Whether it´s a television, smartphone, tablet, or home appliance, it seems that developers have the ball in their court.

All the main companies like Samsung and LG have their own stations to display what developers can do with their devices, whether through Smart TV or the Android Marketplace.

Expect more photos, videos and articles from RedOrbit as we continue to cover whets happening at the 2012 CES.


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