Like It Or Not Facebook Has No Plans To Add A Dislike Button

Like It Or Not, Facebook Has No Plans To Add A Dislike Button

Mark Zuckerberg has officially given the thumbs-down to adding a dislike button to Facebook, effectively putting an end to speculation that users of the social network would be able to express...

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Better Sleep Could Help Those Overwhelmed By Negative

Those who go to bed extremely late at night and sleep for shorter periods of time are more likely to feel more consumed by worry.

Is Your Relationship At Risk Due To Technoference

Researchers from Penn State and BYU have found that the seemingly small, everyday interruptions that come with smartphones and other techno-devices are causing interference in romantic relationships.

Put Down The Smartphone And Go Enjoy Your Leisure Time

New research suggests that you should put down the phone and seek more challenging leisure time activities instead.

E-Signatures Less Trusted Than Handwritten Signatures

A new paper finds that people are much more likely to discount the validity of an e-signature than a hand-signed document.

Toy Safety Tips To Protect Children During The Holiday

As the holiday shopping season begins, the toy-buying frenzy is now in full force. Parents, family members, friends and others are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas or Hanukah present in toy form for the children in their lives.

Forever Young The Rise Of Plastic Surgery In The Age Of The

According to new research, plastic surgeons are noticing a significant uptick in new patients under the age of 30. Its speculative at best, but one can’t help but conclude that social media and selfies may be to blame when these young folks come looking for an “upgrade.”

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