November 30, 2004

Law Prohibits Dog and Cat in Same House

PROVO, Utah - The truth about cats and dogs in this city is that they aren't allowed to live in the same house. But that's about to change.

Current city law allows residents to own up to two dogs or two cats at the same time - but not a dog and a cat together. After getting complaints, the City Council is expected to change the law next month.

The problem was discovered when Susan Sewell and her family went to the Utah County Animal Shelter in Spanish Fork to adopt a kitten in August. The family already has a cat and a dog.

They chose a kitten and began filling out the adoption paperwork. But when shelter staff learned of their existing pets, the family was told they couldn't have the new animal because Provo only allowed residents to have cats or dogs, not cats and dogs.

"I know people can't be having five, six, seven animals running around," Sewell said. "But if you are a responsible pet owner, why limit it to two? If you have two dogs, your kid can't ever have a cat."