November 30, 2004

Reports Have Jennings Losing in ‘Jeopardy’

NEW YORK - Ken Jennings, whose record-setting 74 wins on "Jeopardy" earned him more than $2.5 million on the TV game show, apparently ends his streak on Tuesday night, according to reports.

Reports have been circulating that the 30-year-old software engineer from Salt Lake City would lose after 74 wins, and yesterday an audio clip popped up on the Internet that seemed to include the sounds of Jennings losing tonight, according to The Washington Post.

Jennings was leading going into Final Jeopardy. But, according to the audio clip, he didn't know the correct answer to this question in the category of business and industry: "Most of this firm's 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only four months a year."

The correct answer is, "H&R Block."

Jennings' winning streak began on June 2. He was able to take advantage of the elimination of a longtime rule that said a champion must leave after five straight wins. Now they can stay on until they lose.


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