Originals By Weber Announces Help For People With Cold Fingers And Toes: New Thermal (Non-Electric) Wrist And Ankle Wraps Using NASA’s Best Insulation Material

September 27, 2011

Weber Thermal Wrist & Ankle Wraps (Patent Pending), are designed to relieve pain and increase comfort for football teams and spectators at all cold weather outdoor sports events, as well as people with chronically cold fingers such as those with Rayanuds Syndrome, and all others who frequently have painfully cold hands, fingers and toes during both summer and winter.

Toms River, NJ (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

Originals By Weber, Terrance L. Weber, owner, announces immediate availability of their new low cost, non-electric and long lasting Weber Wrist & Ankle Wraps. They are made to overcome the cold and discomfort of all outdoor sports teams, linemen and others who work outdoors in cold weather and people who suffer with constantly cold hands, finger numbness, and cold feet and toes while watching outdoor sports events in cold weather. In addition, people who have a disease known as: Raynauds Syndrome, Raynauds Disease and Raynauds Phenomenon can reap many benefits when wearing these new Thermal Wrist & Ankle Wraps constantly (24/7) as much as possible.

Weber Thermal (non-electric) Wrist & Ankle Wraps (Patent Pending) are designed to relieve pain and increase comfort of people with Rayanuds Syndrome, Raynauds Disease or Raynauds Phenomenon and all others who frequently have painfully cold hands, fingers and toes as fans and spectators of outdoor sports events during both summer and winter. These Wraps make use of the NASA developed high tech insulation that is the lightest and lowest-density solid known to exist. This “Aerogel” (also called “frozen smoke”) is the lightest and lowest-density solid known to exist. It also holds the World records for being the best insulator and the lowest density solid. Aerogel is composed of amorphous Silicon Dioxide, and is 99.8% air. Aerogel is chemically similar to ordinary glass. Aerogel’s true strength is its incredible insulating properties. It negates just about any kind of energy transfer: thermal, electrical or acoustic. Aerogel’s density is just 3 milligrams per cubic centimeter (it weighs only 3 times that of air).Its melting point is 2,200 degrees F. (1,200 degrees C).

Weber uses this “spin-off” of NASA’s space research in their Thermal Wrist & Ankle Wraps because of it’s exceptional qualities as an insulation material with the result that no electricity or chemicals are needed to maintain top quality insulation. Thus, the insulation capability of this material is constant and will never wear out or need replacement.

The Wraps, made with a covering of black ripstop nylon, maintain the temperature of blood as it flows from the wrists and ankles to the fingers and toes of the wearer. People at cold weather outdoor sports events, linemen and other outdoor workers and those with Raynauds Syndrome, Raynauds Disease, or Raynauds Phenomenon are advised to wear these Wraps all the time (24/7) to aid in conditioning veins and small blood vessels to help increase the flow of blood to fingers and toes. Weber Thermal Wrist & Ankle Wraps are non-electric and re-usable. Included with each Wrap is a removable, washable liner to keep the inside of the Wrap fresh and clean during extended use.

Wearing the Wraps in this way can, over time, tend to âœconditionâ the small veins and blood vessels to help increase the flow of warm blood, at about 72-degrees, to extremities such as fingers and toes. Blood temperature is controlled with these Wraps using this new NASA highly efficient insulation material.

The Weber Wrist & Ankle Wraps are made with a covering of Ripstop nylon, 9â long by 3-1/2â wide and approximately 3/16â thick. When these Wraps are placed on the wrists or ankles, they are held in place with adjustable Velcro straps. The Wraps are made in one size to fit men, women and children.

When Weber was asked what kind of feedback he gets from his customers about the Wraps, he gave the following quotes from a few of his customers:

âœWraps are as described. Fast shipping. Highly recommend.â

“I have worn the heck out of the ankle and wrist wraps, they have helped with my circulation in both my hand and foot.â

âœThrilled with purchase of wrist & ankle wraps!â

“Wow! These wraps really work! No more cold fingers!â

âœProduct works great!â

âœFast shipping, description is accurate, I’ll recommend these wrist wraps!â

These Wraps are made in the USA and the price of the Weber Wrist & Ankle Wraps is $29.95/pair (2 Wraps) (s/h is $3.00) Satisfaction guaranteed or money back. For more information you are cordially invited to call: 1-877- 309 – 8382, or 732-864-0353 or visit the following website where you can watch a video about Weber Wrist Wraps: http://www.yrret.stirsite.com/raynaudshelp.html – or write to: Originals By Weber, 338 Alabama Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753.

Scroll down to see a VIDEO about Weber Wrist & Ankle Wraps on our website.



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