Prostate Health, E.D., and Making Sex Fun Again

October 12, 2011

Do you need a PSA test? Blue pills, yellow pills, white pills, or the new âœbreath mintsââ”which is right for E.D.? How can you have an amazing, satisfying sex life? In his latest book, renowned board-certified urologist Dudley Danoff, MD provides the answers to these and many more questions about menâs sexual health.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 12, 2011

In his latest book, Penis Power: The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Healthâ”which Kirkus Reviews calls âœEntertaining and edifying . . . A solid resource on handling the ups and downs of male genital healthââ”Dr. Dudley Danoff shares the complexity and mystery of the male anatomy; addresses the fears, fiction, and fantasies of men and women alike; and alleviates the shame, curiosity, and misinformation so many of us have, replacing them with knowledge, pride, and self-confidence.

So in what areas do men (and women) need to increase their knowledge to have a more satisfying sex life?

  •     PSA Test â” Should He or Shouldn’t He? More than two hundred thousand cases of prostate cancer are detected each year in the United States. About one in every six men in this country will develop the disease during his lifetime. With the PSA (prostatic specific antigen) blood-screening test, transrectal prostate ultrasonography, and heightened public awareness, the increase in the number of cases is being met with an increase in effective treatment.
  •     You Are Not Alone: According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately fifteen to thirty million men in this country, half of whom are under the age of sixty-five, suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. Impotence is often an early indicator of a potentially serious underlying vascular or endocrine disease. Only a small percentage of men with penis problems have true organic impotence. For millions of men, surgery, drugs, and mechanical aids have no place in their lives. The answer for them lies between their ears.
  •     Sex and the Brain: A Winning Collaboration: The brain has everything to do with our sexual history. How we think of ourselves mattersâ”if you feel healthy, capable, and frisky, thereâs no reason sex canât go on to an indefinite age. Sexual experiences can even be enhanced with aging, as years of experience and understanding our mateâs needs are well-honed. Dr. Danoff reminds us, âœYou do not stop having sex because you get old; you get old because you stop having sex.â
  •     Talk About the Penis? Many patients still refer to the penis in a whisper, as if mentioning it is disgraceful. Like a disassociated part of our anatomy, anything involving penile health and performance is so fragile a topic, we hesitate to discuss it openly. We prefer denying ourselves pleasure to discussing a delicate and embarrassing issue. Everyoneâs heard the story about the âœfriendâ who had a problem staying hard. Get real, and be straight with your doctor and yourself.

Dispelling locker-room myths about performance and size, Dr. Danoff entices us to read further about the penis and its master, the brainâ”where all fantasies and anticipation begin and where our innermost desires run free. According to Dr. Danoff, âœPenis power is 1% between the legs and 99% between the ears.â Itâs rare that an organic condition causes a manâs inability to perform, so delight in knowing that sex is an equal opportunity benefit offered to all! Who knew?

âœWith the right information and attitude, men will be able to gain the confidence they need to achieve a more vigorous, healthy, and enjoyable life,â says Dr. Danoff.

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  •     an expert opinion on the recent government panel recommendation that healthy men should not get screened for prostate cancer?
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