Men's Health Ranks Luckiest US Cities
October 14, 2011

Men’s Health Ranks Luckiest US Cities

Men's Health Magazine, searching for the luckiest town in the United States, has placed San Diego, California at the top of that list based on statistics from a number of factors including most lottery winners and least deaths from falling objects.

The magazine used statistics from several sources to determine which towns and cities made it into the top 100 list. Statistics came from sources such as the PGA for most hole-in-ones hit in golf, the CDC, National Climatic Data Center, and Vaisala for fewest fatal lightning strikes and deaths from falling objects; Bureau of Labor Statistics for least money lost on lottery tickets and race betting; and from Powerball, Mega Millions, and Publishers Clearing House for most lottery and sweepstakes winners.

San Diego, which reputedly has one of the best climates in America, is now also the luckiest. Men's Health named Baltimore, Maryland; Phoenix, Arizona; Wilmington, Delaware; and Richmond, Virginia, respectively, as the top five along with San Diego.

"Luck is basically our modern world's magic," said David Zinczenko, editor in chief of Men's Health Magazine. "People need to believe in luck because it allows them to give a name to the randomness of life, and when you name something, you have more power over it."

"San Diego's multiple jackpot winners, its low lightning strike count, and its low number of lightning-related injuries and deaths helped push it to the top," Zinczenko told Reuters.

Surprisingly, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada -- two major gambling hubs in the west -- didn't make it into the top 5. Each landed in the top 10 however.

"It is in the top 10," Zinczenko said about Vegas. "And you have to remember that there would be no Vegas if all of the gamblers were lucky all of the time."

Among the least lucky towns and cities in the US: Charleston, West Virginia. It was the town with the highest death rate from falling objects, with four times as many as San Diego, and had no lottery or sweepstakes winners.

You can find the top 100 luckiest towns here: