Protein Powder Supplement Mix Free Overview Report Now Available At TrueHealthyProducts.com

November 11, 2011

True Healthy Products an all natural nutrition company now offers another Free report at their web site, the report is an overview of their all natural protein supplements day and night protein mixes.

(PRWEB) November 11, 2011

Protein powder supplement mix free overview report is now available by True Healthy Products, a Florida based all natural nutrition company. The company has brought to market two all natural protein supplements, one for day use and one for night, the Free report covers the benefits of using two different protein mixes.

The companyâs free down-loadable report is on their web site available at this link: http://www.truehealthyproducts.com/products/sports-nutrition/protein-power-mix/nutrition-and-workout-guides

The companyâs âœProtein Power Mixâ utilizes two different types of proteins one for daytime and one for night.

The Protein Power Daytime Mix, (Whey Isolate Protein) is designed to be taken either first thing in the morning before breakfast, an addition to breakfast, as a meal replacement for breakfast, or a post workout supplement. Protein Power Mix uses the isolate form of whey protein because it has the least amount of fat content, thus resulting in potential fat loss when Protein Power Mix is combined with a balanced meal plan and workout regimen.

The Protein Power Nighttime Mix, (Casein Protein) is formulated to be taken about an hour before bedtime or an hour before dinner. The nutrients within the Nighttime Mix are designed to help the body recover during the most opportunistic recovery period, sleep. During the day we attempt to replenish our bodies with food so we can sustain energy levels. After the day is through and we have spent a tremendous amount of energy we eat dinner and hope that we have replenished what we used.

âœAs an Athlete you want muscle recovery because you want to be able to work as hard the next day. I have no soreness in my muscles when I take this product. I have been retired for 16 years and now I run marathons, I train and run around 45 miles a week. This product dramatically helps my recovery from one work out to another,â says Roger Craig, Professional Football Player and 3x Super Bowl Winner.

True Healthy Products is an all natural nutrition company offering a wide range of products from healthy dark chocolate, HCG Diet Programs, all natural sports nutrition products, organic skin care and whole food vitamin supplements.

To learn more about Protein Power Mix and other health products that are all natural and truly good for you: visit: http://www.truehealthyproducts.com

Toll Free: 888-400-2920

2460 N Courtenay Parkway, #210

Merritt Island, FL 32953



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