World’s First “Healthy Hot Food Vending Machine” Brings Healthy Meals to Obesity-Stricken Food Deserts

December 12, 2011

HUMAN Healthy Vending launches worldâs first line of vending machines to vend healthful hot foods, cold drinks and snacks simultaneously from the same machine. These innovative machines will make convenient access to nutritious foods including entire entrees, a reality for busy workers and residents in communities with limited access to healthy foods. HUMAN Healthy Vendingâs co-founders are on a mission to ensure that people have access to healthy foods everywhere, particularly in food deserts.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) December 12, 2011

HUMAN Healthy Vending is launching the worldâs first line of vending machines to vend healthy hot foods, cold drinks, and snacks simultaneously from the same machine. HUMANâs innovative line of hot food vending machines, coined the âœHot HUMAN,â vend cold drinks, such as Zico Coconut Water, healthy snacks, such as Pop Chips and Pirateâs Booty, and entire entrées â“ such as an Amyâs Organic entrées or Kashi frozen entrées, which the machines heat automatically before dispensing.

Because HUMAN Healthy Vending co-founders Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen know that there is a link between low access to nutritious foods and childhood obesity, they are on a mission to place these machines in areas where people need access to healthful meals the most, including in areas designated as food deserts.

According to Michelle Obamaâs Letâs Move campaign, there are 23.5 million Americans â“ including 6.5 million children â“ who live in rural and urban areas across the country who lack access to convenient and affordable nutritious foods known as âœfood deserts.â In its most basic use, the term refers to an area where people have limited access to healthful food â“ the nearest grocery store may be a mile away â“ and limited means to purchase healthful foods. These areas tend to be low-income, have low business opportunity, and typically have a high-density per capita of fast food restaurants. These areas have been found to have higher rates of childhood obesity and cancer than areas that have convenient access to healthful foods.

The âœHot HUMANâ line of hot food vending machines has been in development for over three years, so weâre ecstatic to finally be launching it,â stated Andy Mackensen, co-founder of HUMAN Healthy Vending. âœThe thing that excites me most about this revolutionary new machine is our ability to effect massive change in our countryâs food deserts where healthy food is needed most.â

Itâs not just food deserts, however, that need access to more nutritious foods. Even in bustling urban centers, one is likely to find that office workers â“ who work long hours and often do not have the time or means to purchase a healthful meal â“ are eating junk food from vending machines. A recent Gallup Poll found that 86% of US workers are overweight, obese or suffering from a chronic health condition.

HUMAN Healthy Vendingâs innovative fleet of healthy vending machines, including their newly launched line of hot & healthy vending machines, can provide people with convenient access to affordable and healthful foods at all hours of the day.

To learn more about HUMAN Healthy Vendingâs state-of-the-art fleet, including its âœHot HUMANâ machine, please visit http://www.healthyvending.com/machines

About HUMAN Healthy Vending

HUMAN Healthy Vending is the worldâs first health activist company to distribute high-tech and eco-friendly vending machines that vend only nutritious foods, drinks and full meals screened by a panel of health experts. In addition to providing healthful food options, the machines provide nutrition education via high-definition LCD screens that display streaming videos and other digital content. HUMANâs mission is to make healthful food and nutrition education easily accessible in schools, hospitals, gyms, community centers and additional public spaces.

In 2011, HUMAN Healthy Vending was named in Entrepreneur Magazineâs list of âœ100 Brilliant Companiesâ and Forbes Magazineâs list of âœAmericaâs Most Promising Companies.â

HUMAN is proud to donate 10% of its proceeds to charitable causes that fight childhood obesity and malnutrition. To learn more, go to: http://www.healthyvending.com


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