Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss Reveals New Diabetes Diet Targeted at Reducing Diabetes II

January 16, 2012

Diet Doc HCG Diet & Weight Loss completes formation of diabetes diet which can help those suffering from diabetes II reduce many health conditions associated with diabetes.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 15, 2012

Losing even just a small percentage of body weight can make a big difference for anyone suffering from type II diabetes. The insulin sensitivity which can accompany type II diabetes is partly what can make losing weight as a diabetic feel like an uphill struggle. Many people who don´t even have type II diabetes, but who feel that they just can´t lose weight even with vigorous exercise may have the early signs of metabolic syndrome which can eventually lead to type II diabetes.

When blood insulin levels rise due to a functional insulin sensitivity, it becomes very difficult to mobilize fat out of the fat cell. This is because insulin is considered a catabolic hormone which means its entire purpose is to create storage forms of sugar and fat. Insulin will also inhibit the breakdown of fat in the fat tissue, which is why weight loss can feel hopeless for people even if they´re exercising regularly.

When metabolism is impaired as with type II diabetes, the hCG diet becomes a very attractive option for weight loss. This is due to the fact that metabolism will switch into ketosis during the first week on the hCG diet which means blood sugar will naturally start to drop which will in turn lower the trigger for the insulin in the first place. In several weeks on the diet blood sugar levels will often return close to normal range.

Diet Doc has specific support for type II diabetics by including key minerals in their propriety protein shake, which help balance insulin levels. Not only does this help with carbohydrate cravings, but it helps break the emotional reliance on carbohydrates which is often what leads to binge eating. This modernized version of the Simeons protocol builds in protein all through the day via the propriety protein shake which all patients are given as part of the program. Eating every few hours is not only satisfying, but also has the additive benefit of balancing blood sugar as well.

In addition to the protein shake, Diet Doc´s Blood Sugar Support Formula is an all natural combination of herbal extracts and minerals which have been shown to have a synergistic effect on blood sugar regulation along with strong carbohydrate cravings.

For people with type II diabetes, losing weight can make a tremendous difference in quality of life, health and energy. Diet Doc physicians customize a modernized hCG diet program using prescription hCG from U.S. licensed compounding pharmacies.

This offers people with type II diabetes both a way to control blood sugar naturally through the diet along with the weight loss necessary to not only make an impact on blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but on total health and wellness as well.

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