SelfLube Uses Solid Aluminum Bronze Over Bronze Plated To Improve The Life Span of a Tool and Prevent Damage

January 27, 2012

SelfLube discusses the positive aspects in using solid aluminum bronze for its L-gibs and how this prevents damage of tools. A mishap that is increasingly well known throughout the mold and die industry.

Coopersville, MI (PRWEB) January 27, 2012

SelfLube is a manufacturer of precision components used in molds, metal stamping dies and special machines. Making primarily wear plates when it first opened its doors in 1990 the company now has nearly 8,000 different part numbers. Among its many products is the simple, L-gib, a part with a L-shaped cross section that comes in various lengths. Its purpose is to guide and control linear motion particularly when heavy loads are involved. Used in conjunction with a base plate, a pair of L-gibs form a rigid channel in which a slide or other moving parts can travel back and forth under a heavy load with great accuracy.

SelfLube uses solid aluminum bronze for its L-gibs because of its excellent resistance to galling and wear, especially when used in conjunction with a hardened steel slide; a plus in the life span of a tool. Inferior L-gibs, made of mild steel or bronze plated steel, are just not up to the task. “Bronze is an ancient material available,” explains CEO Phil Allor. “Bronze has a property known as form-ability. If there is a slight misalignment between the L-gib and the moving slide the material in the L-gib will slightly re-distribute itself so that it is more precisely aligned with the axis of motion. Steel won’t do this so it doesn’t last as long.”

They are available in a variety of inch and metric sizes with or without mounting holes and with or without self-lubricating graphite, which provides permanent lubrication. “Self-lubrication is a big deal,” Allor further explains. “The obvious advantage is that you don’t have to pay someone to go around and lubricate things that often is hard to access or possibly even hazardous areas. But, you also don’t have to worry that someone forgets or just doesn’t do it. And, there is the advantage of having dry lubrication. Since it’s not liquid it doesn’t have the tendency to attract dust and grit – the enemy of all machinery and equipment.”

Other types of gibs made by the company include square gibs, finished V-gibs that come equipped with graphite and drilled with mounting holes and solid bronze V-gibs available with or without self-lubricating graphite. SelfLube will have its entire product line on set for this year’s NPE International Plastics Showcase. This years show will be in Orlando, Florida from April 1-5.

SelfLube is a US based manufacturer of precision mold and die components such as bushings, gibs, wear strips, parting line locks, lifter slides and related items – 8,000 standard part numbers in all, many of which are self-lubricating. The company sells directly to build shops throughout North America and Canada, which results in both better pricing and better customer service. Its record for on time delivery is among the best in the industry.


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