Bobzio.com, a Kauai Hawaii Vacation Rental, Home Swap, and Service Provider Co-op, Announces Golfers Kauai Paradise Winner of Best Value Vacation Rental in Kauai, Hawaii

January 27, 2012

Bobzio.com, a Kauai Hawaii Vacation Rental, home swap and local services coop provides a free option for marketing vacation homes and travel oriented businesses to travelers. The Bobzio Number 1 Vacation Rental Value in Kauai, Hawaii is Golfers Kauai Paradise.

Kauai Hawaii (PRWEB) January 27, 2012

Bobzio.com announces the winner of the best value vacation rental for Kauai, Hawaii after user voting. Bobzio.com is a Cooperative of Holiday Home Owners providing a no cost option where holiday home owners, home swappers and vacationers can connect. There is zero cost for starting a property listing. The home swap system uses the same platform as the vacation rental system. It is possible to offer a holiday home as both a vacation rental and as a home swap. This is accomplished by checking the appropriate boxes when constructing a listing. A reservation calendar is free to all users and helps organize records and informs potential users the time periods available to rent or exchange. A phone number can be displayed by the home owner to facilitate connections with potential clients. There is an email contact option provided at the bottom of each Bobzio listing. Bobzio.com gives the user the option to search for exchanges and rentals based on Area Attractions. For example, if paragliding is an interest, a search can be performed and destinations with paragliding will be displayed. This is particularly convenient when arranging a home exchange & daily schedules. Soon the integration process will be completed with DepositGuard. DepositGuard gives owners the ability to accept credit card payments without fees and vacationers the peace of mind knowing their deposits are safeguarded.

Bobzio.com, a Cooperative of Vacation Home Owners, Home Exchangers and Service Providers is 100% free. Bobzio.com functions just like a farm cooperative where local farmers group together to leverage their buying power for the benefit of all members. Otherwise the farmer would be at the mercy of large Corporation’s power to set prices for services like Vacation Home Owners and Service Providers are now. All property owners and service providers with common marketing interests need to join the Bobzio.com marketing cooperative effort. If twenty thousand cooperative members signed in on a regular basis to the http://www.Bobzio.com website, then Bobzio.com would be positioned first to travelers searching for vacation rentals and services on google. This is important to minimize marketing costs and maximizing the market exposure of vacation homes collectively. Realistically a vacation home owner and service provider need only spend $25 a year for advertising if the Bobzio Vacation Property Co-op had 20,000 members logging in daily. Let’s get to work.

Bobzio.com has chosen Kauai Golfers Paradise as providing an exceptional value to the consumer and is voted Bobzio´s Best Value Vacation Rental in Kauai, Hawaii. Selection is based on the level of fun factor, costs, amenities and available activity bundles. Nominations for Bobzio´s Best Value Vacation Rental can be made by going to bobzio.com.


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