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January 28, 2012

Alternative Fuse webmail is looking for talented individuals willing to make a contribution in exchange for access to an unlimited premium account, name recognition, and possible employment.

(PRWEB) January 28, 2012

Alternative Fuse webmail is set to expand on all fronts. Among these fronts are: its search engine ranking on Google, marketing, message encryption, templates, applications, project management software, file and photo sharing. The sky is the limit is this particular case. The Alternative Fuse webmail service is already operating at above the status quo as far as capabilities, however, more development is needed to compete with the big three (Yahoo!, Gmail, and Hotmail). Thus, Alternative Fuse has instigated a policy of public outreach in order to boost the service, and hopefully one day compete with the big three.

Alternative Fuse is a grass-roots webmail service, they are able to survive and thrive off of the support of its members, particularly those who make a contribution or assist in product development and outreach. The service is willing to offer compensation, recognition, and a complimentary premium webmail account as part of their incentive; of course compensation varies by the job so it would always be wise to consult the Network Administrators before attempting to undertake any job. That being said, there is always need for more ideas and contributors.

The way to start a project with Alternative Fuse free web email is to; contact the admin at admin(at)alternativefuse(dot)com. From there, they will respond to an inquiry usually within 18 hours or less. If the project is accepted (and it will be so long as it´s not illegal or outright idiotic) the Network Administrators will provide the interested party with the tools necessary to complete the project, remember for technical jobs it´s good to have a localhost platform such XAMPP with phpMyAdmin since Alternative Fuse will not provide access to secure information, for obvious reasons. For example, if someone wants to make a template for their inbox and for other users, Alternative Fuse will provide the header and footer script to complete the project. Now if this user wants to make some behind the scenes modifications, such as help the service with their Project Management software, the webmail service will hand over scripts to the party for development and when that script is returned, Alternative Fuse will run tests on it ensuring speed, security, efficiency, and cleanliness.

Upon application, please provide the most relevant information, including: (If applicable) a resume, LinkedIn account, Email account(s), Phone number, Skype address, and anything else deemed relevant. Also, include a detailed description of credentials and outlining goals in working on the project.


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