Are Android Users Easier?
February 2, 2012

Are Android Users Easier?

Online matchmakers have added a fresh twist on the iPhone vs. Android flame wars that are many a tech geeks favorite argument by releasing the results of a survey conducted by the dating site´s “Relationship Insider” Kimberley Moffit.

The results of the survey revealed some interesting correlations between smart phone ownership and dating habits, Leslie Horn reports for PC Mag.´s poll found that 62 percent of Android owners would have sex after one date, compared to 57 percent of iPhone users and 48 percent of BlackBerry owners.

“More so than zodiac signs or astrology, smart phones are the new way Canadian singles can decode their dating style and determine if they´ve met their match,” wrote Moffit.

In general, Android owners seem to be more open to online dating, also, with 72 percent having visited online dating sites, while 58 percent of iPhone users and 50 percent of BlackBerry owners have done the same.

Apple fans are not just sitting at home waiting for the iPhone to ring however. iPhone users are the most likely to date someone in their workplace with nearly a quarter of iPhone singles admitting to an office romance in the last five years.

iPhone users are also quicker to return a call to the number scribbled on that bar napkin as well, waiting just one day to reach out, while Android or BlackBerry users will wait until after 2-3 dates, reveals Sebastian Haley for Mobile Beat.

Users of struggling BlackBerry may be drowning their choice of mobile device in a bottle as the survey further revealed that BlackBerry users are most likely to drink alcohol on a first date, 72 percent will have a boozy beverage on a first night out and a whopping 67 percent of BlackBerry users say they have experienced love at first sight.

A dater´s social media habits may also be an indicator of their dating life. Dating site OKCupid, last spring released a study that claimed if you tweet frequently, your relationships are likely to be shorter.

Apple users may have the last laugh however. OKCupid may also found that people who own iPhones are having more sex overall than those who use BlackBerrys or Android phones.

So perhaps your choice of mobile device is more reflective of the tech world than we give it credit for.


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