Latest Blog Post from Vegetarian Blog TheDailyRadish.com, Announces Mounting Pressure on Popular Coffee Retailer Due to use of Food Dye

April 23, 2012

TheDailyRadish offers vegetarians the latest news and tips. In their latest blog post, Jenny Sangler announces the growing pressure on America´s biggest coffee retailer due to their use of cochineal.

Del Mar, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2012

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Today, Jenny Sangler at TheDailyRadish.com published their latest post, titled “Starbucks Under Pressure to Remove Creepy Ingredient from their Strawberry Smoothies”.

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In their latest blog post, Jenny Sangler makes reference to one of her previous posts in which explains the wide use of cochineal — a food dye made from crushed insects.

She explains that Starbucks have recently hit the headlines by using this same food dye in their Strawberry Frappuccino and Strawberry Smoothies in order to give them a pink tint.

An anonymous company employee, also a vegan, tipped the lid on Starbucks by revealing the use of this secret ingredient to This Dish is Veg, a popular website for those who are vegetarian. The whistle blower also included a photo of the ingredients.

“Cochineal, although considered to be safe by the FDA, isn´t suitable for vegans and anyone who doesn´t want to consume a product made from crushed insects, vegan or otherwise, needs to be aware that it is a common addition to many pink and red-colored foods and drinks such as jelly, marinades, cheese and certain alcoholic drinks” Jenny adds.

She continues to explain that Starbucks promptly issued a statement due to mounting pressure from the vegan community. Within the statement they claimed that they used the cochineal to continue their efforts to remove artificial ingredients from their products. However, even though they plan to use vegan ingredients where possible, they also stated that this can never be guaranteed.

“It´s unclear as to whether Starbucks have ever publicly claimed that these drinks were vegan-friendly, but it seems that the company is prepared to take the views of their vegan customers on board” Jenny adds.

Jenny concludes her blog post by offering up some vegan alternatives to cochineal. These include purple sweet potatoes, beets or even, particularly in the case of Starbucks — strawberries!

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