Bed-Bug-Panic Eases Off in New York, Still the Pests Remain a Big Problem BedBugBully.com Says

April 27, 2012

Bed-bug-panic in New York ebbed out. But because the pests remain a big problem to the residents, BedBugBully.com/blog advised the use of bed bug spray to kill bed bugs safely and easily.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) April 27, 2012

New York has become more accepting of bed bug presence. A report from nbcnewyork.com dated April 24 said that panic over bed bugs has subsided in the city. However, the pests still remain a big problem to the residents. And so, BedBugBully.com suggested the use of a spray to kill bed bugs fast and easy and to avoid a major infestation.

According to the report, New Yorkers’ panic over bed bugs has now turned to acceptance as evident in their tone in bed-bug-related calls. Getting bed bugs is not as shocking anymore to the residents said Natalie Raben of one of the city’s extermination firms.

Apart from the people’s reaction about the pests’ presence, there were also changes in the number of complaints and calls about bed bugs. As detailed by the report, the complaints received by the city’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development decreased by 12 percent compared to the previous fiscal year. In number, the recorded 10 241 complaints went down to 9 029.

Here is part of the report Panic Over Bed Bugs Ebbed Out in New York from BedBugBully.com

“In the recent list of bed bug infested cities, New York ranked high. It placed at number nine. However, things are looking up for New Yorkers. Panic over bed bugs and even the number of bed bug cases reportedly went down this year.

Based on the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development’s record, complaints about bed bug infestation in the city decreased by 12 percent this fiscal year. From 10, 241 last year, the complaints went down to 9, 029 this year. Even bed bug complaints against landlords jumped down this year for 19 percent numbering from 3 3559 to 2. 893. Calls regarding bed bugs also decreased by 17 percent with last years’ 8, 736 falling to 7, 245.”

Read more of the report New York’s Panic Over Bed Bugs Now Lulled at: http://www.bedbugbully.com/blog/york-warmed-bed-bugs-panic-pests-subsided

It’s true that there are several unpleasant things that go with bed bug presence. However, panicking can’t kill them said BedBugBully.com. It advised the public to prepare for their presence and be calmer when it happens instead of going into frenzy over the possibility of their infestation. With that, it added, anybody can get ready and implement a better bed bug elimination strategy.

One idea to prepare for bed bug presence that the website suggested is the purchase of a bed bug spray. The product can kill the pests fast and easy so it can also prevent a massive infestation, said the site. However, it only recommended the use of biodegradable solutions. That’s so victims can kill bed bugs naturally, safely and effectively.

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