Scientists Use MSG to Create Obesity in Lab Rats. But People Eat MSG Too!

June 1, 2012

Walk into any grocery store today and it is almost impossible to pick up any kind of processed food that doesn’t have some variant of MSG in it. Yet numerous studies indicate it can have ill effects on health. One HCG Diet Coach tries to increase awareness of MSG’s potential dangers while helping people through the HCG Diet.

(PRWEB) June 01, 2012

Perhaps without products like MSG on the market, Paul Johnson, long-time HCG diet coach would have a completely different career. He spends every day coaching people on doing the HCG Diet, either using HCG Injections.

Paul has been warning people of the dangers of ingesting MSG for years. “I look around our obese nation and can’t help but think how many people would be healthy and thin if it weren’t for having poisonous MSG put in so many of our foods.”

This 2012 study is but one of many over the last four decades that show consumption of MSG (monosodium glutamate) could be hazardous to one’s health.

In fact, scientists use MSG to makes their lab rats fat so the animals can be used in obesity research as seen in many studies, including this one done in 1986 by JF Lorden and A. Caudle and shown on PubMed. Since rats are not normally prone to being overweight, and scientists need test subjects, they had to figure out a solution. That meant using MSG to cause the rats to gain weight. By going to pubmed.com and typing in “msg obese” in the search box, over 100 related studies come up, as seen here.

And yet, looking at common food labels shows that MSG (which goes by many other names) is everywhere. Nearly any fast food chain, as well as many other kinds of restaurants, cook foods containing MSG or add MSG during the cooking process. MSG is known to be addictive and to cause people to want to eat more of the foods that contain it, so the financial reasoning for food manufacturers is clear. But at what cost to the health of this nation’s inhabitants?

Doing the HCG Diet can help to wean one off of MSG. “As you’re burning off your fat stores while on the HCG Diet, your body can experience a detoxifying process. MSG is one of the chemicals people can flush out of their systems during the diet,” says Paul.

Unfortunately, the FDA hasn’t set any limits about how much MSG can be added to food, claiming it is safe. But MSG triples the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas, so it is no surprise diabetes is one of the top killers in the United States today.

Originally used to enhance the flavor of field rations for soldiers in WWII, MSG soon caught on with US food manufacturers and has been going strong ever since. To learn more about MSG, visit this site by former food scientist, Carol Hoernlein. http://msgtruth.org

Paul has compiled this list containing many of MSG’s alternate names to help people avoid putting this poison in their pantries. He hopes people will use it to become more aware of MSG in their foods and help them decrease their consumption of it.

Anyone with questions regarding using the HCG Diet not only to shed pounds, but also to relieve the body of toxins like MSG, can contact Paul. He loves helping people achieve their health goals!

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