Findings by VaporizeIt Detail that Glass Is Not Good For Many Applications

June 2, 2012

Glass is clean and it works great for a lot of applications, but it is not really appropriate for vaporization.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) June 02, 2012

A lot of people think glass is the way to go because it’s very clean; unfortunately it´s also very fragile. The question is, what makes the most sense in the application of a vaporizer? Glass is clean and it works great for a lot of applications, but is it really appropriate in such an application as vaporization? There are some glass vaporizers that a very clean. Glass does not belong in the human mouth; and it’s generally not appropriate for use in the manufacture of complex electronic equipment. Glass can be very fragile. Therefore, there is no rationale for using glass in the manufacture of a vaporizer.

The handling of glass instruments versus non-glass instruments is hard to justify. It’s not about liking glass or not. It’s that glass is not appropriate or safe. So, it’s not about how clean the glass is. It’s the fact that glass breaks into sharp pieces that can cause harm. It’s just not the way to go. Repeating the position: If you’re talking quality vaporizer, then glass is not good as a choice of materials simply because it breaks and can cut after it breaks.

Glass is a great material and it can be ultra clean and heat resistant, but there are better materials. Using the same materials that are used in other high quality instruments is the approach that we took with the miniVAP. That’s why VaporizeIt always recommends the miniVAP and the Volcano. A high grade vaporizer can be used to administer a wide array of materials such as aromatherapy herbs. In contrast to other delivery methods, we have found that the all NEW miniVAP meets the criteria that we look toward, assuming that we want the delivery method that is of the highest quality.

VaporizeIt makes a product that brings together the best technology in the world to bring a high grade vaporizer to the market that can deliver more purity and performance than anything else. Other types of materials and products are also worth talking about, but tried and tested material such as in the NEW miniVAP are really the way to go. Does it really make sense to recommend something that does not meet basic standards? So, if you want to talk more about really, truly high grade vaporizers, give VaporizeIt a call at 510-414-8419.

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