Fisherman Finds Football Player's Lost Leg
June 11, 2012

Fisherman Finds Football Player’s Lost Leg

A prosthetic leg lost by a former college football player some five years ago is scheduled to be returned to its owner Monday after it was found by a fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico late last week.

According to Craig Bennett of USA Today, the limb was discovered by Matt Willingham, who was shrimping off the coast of Florida sometime around 2am Thursday morning when he discovered it.

The limb was emblazoned with the University of Kentucky logo and the team's Wildcats mascot, Bennett said, leading Willingham to contact both the manufacturer and members of the media in the hopes that they would be able to track down the leg's rightful owner. As it turns out, they were able to do just that, discovering that the leg belonged to former Kentucky running back Fred Robinson.

Robinson, who was born in Radcliff, Kentucky and currently resides in Crestview, Florida, apparently lost the $30,000 prosthetic limb while boating and swimming over Memorial Day weekend, according to USA Today, Fox News and reports.

In a phone interview with's Melissa Etezadi, Willingham said, "That's not something you want to see at 2:00 AM, I was hoping I wasn't going to find a body with it as well."

"I got the call and I was shocked! I just started laughing, they found my leg!" added Robinson. "At the end of the day we were coming back and goofing off and swimming in the bay, and I jumped in and I guess at some point in time when I was swimming it sucked my leg off."

Robinson, who played for the Wildcats in the 1980s, originally lost his actual leg during a work-related accident some five years ago. Etezadi reports that he is planning to pick up his leg from the local sheriff's department on Monday, and is also set to meet with Willingham in order to thank him for finding it and working to return it to him.