The Community is Your Personal Trainer: Fit Ticket Recently Reveals How the Bootcamp Tribe Dynamics Can Help Solve Obesity Problem

June 17, 2012

As the growing obesity problem in Australia becomes a topic of hot political and cultural debates, Melbourne fitness services provider Fit Ticket reveals that the weight problem can be solved by starting with a revolutionary shift of making fitness goals a community, rather than an individual, responsibility.

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) June 16, 2012

It may be old news that Australia is among the fattest nations in the developed world, but new insights reveal an effective approach that relies on the people´s collective effort of changing the social, economic and political status quo that feeds on overconsumption. A seemingly “heavy” endeavour, but leading fitness experts recently announced that with an enlightened perspective and innovative fitness programmes, getting the nation fit again can be a realistic goal.

Today, Australia accounts for more than 17 million overweight people on the planet. Recent figures from the Medicine, Nursing and Health Services at the Monash University calculated that by year 2020, with the current level and degree of weight gain among the population, 80 per cent of all Australian adults and one-third of all Australian children will be officially obese.

Olivia Smith, director of Melbourne fitness services provider Fit Ticket, says their clients´ cases confirm the prevailing belief that widespread weight gain are caused by an individual´s unhealthy eating. However, she adds that more comprehensive studies are now coming out to show that there are lot of other deeper factors to consider.

“The prevalence of processed and nutritionally-vacant food is ageing us, changing our species and ultimately killing us,” Smith said, citing data from the Monash research that predicts children today, due to obesity, will have a shorter life expectancy by the time they reach 20 should the alarming trend continue.

“More than personal preference, convenience food culture is directly rooted to how food is produced, distributed, sold and marketed,” Smith says. “The social and political factors that dictate food systems make a society, even one with supposedly more wealth and bigger awareness about fitness issues, remain devastatingly poor when it comes to their health.”

“Obesity is not a private problem anymore; it´s a top public health concern and therefore can be solved only with collective action,” Smith says. “The most successful, sustainable Melbourne fitness programmes today take into consideration the cultural, environmental and social ties that lead to complete wellness.”

This innovative and comprehensive approach is the heart of Fit Ticket´s fitness programmes such as the boot camp. Melbourne fitness buffs train as a group under a professional trainer, preferably outdoors or near a natural setting. Using Fit Ticket´s matching services, people can now choose among Bootcamp Sydney groups, Boot Camp Perth sessions, Boot Camp Adelaide teams, and other fitness groups suited to their fitness level, schedule, budget and other preferences.

The bootcamp programme credits its success on its initiative-driven, community-powered approach – a far cry from the traditional, commercial approach of previously dominant fitness systems such as the gym membership model.

Smith says people are achieving their ideal weight now due to the “belonging culture” and positive energy prevalent in boot camps. “The atmosphere fosters the support and commitment needed to reach fitness goals. People are now thinking in terms of teams, not contract memberships; tribes, not clubs.”

“Rethinking fitness paradigms, re-envisioning our ways of life and reaching out to the community – these are the tickets to a strong and healthy society,” Smith says.

Fit Ticket is a group fitness search engine that offers a discounted introductory rate to start training with any of their listed fitness providers from all over the country. The site matches people with a training programme that suits their personal fitness level, location, preferred training style and lifestyle. Endorsed by the Australian Institute of Fitness, the website presents other services such as health and wellness information and email alerts for deals on fitness gear and services.

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