June 26, 2012

Latest Blog Post from Vegetarian Blog TheDailyRadish.com, Announces Fruits that Prepare the Body for the Beach

TheDailyRadish offers vegetarians the latest news and tips. In their latest blog post, Jenny Sangler announces information on the best fruits to eat for the ultimate beach body.

Del Mar, CA (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

TheDailyRadish.com is one of the world´s most visited Vegetarian blogs. Offering daily tips and news to those enjoying a diet without meat, information can be read directly from their blog, or via a daily digest email.

Today, Jenny Sangler at TheDailyRadish.com published their latest post, titled “Itching To Hit The Beach? These Fruits Will Help You Get Ready!”

Vegetarians and foodie fans can access the new blog post here:


In their latest blog post, Jenny Sangler admits that the two things she loves about the Summer are going to the beach and eating the abundance of fresh fruits that come into season.

She explains that these fruits can produce an awesome body with which to go to the beach.

Jenny then directs her readers towards an article from Self Magazine, outlining the 20 best superfoods for weight loss. She outlines a few of them in her blog post.

The first fruit Jenny looks at is apples.

“Most apples are a fall fruit but they´re so good for weight loss that they need to be included here. Not only are they packed with filling fiber, they also may help prevent metabolic syndrome” she says.

Next, Jenny takes a look at blueberries. She highlights their ability to help people lose large amounts of weight, while being packed with fiber.

Pomegranates are next on this list. “These are my favorite fruit of all time. They´re loaded with antioxidants, but they´re also packed with filling fiber and Vitamin C” Jenny adds.

She then shares her big secret with readers, the secret of watermelons.

“Watermelon is loaded with fiber and Vitamin C but it´s also filled with water. You can eat it until you´re sloshing without overdoing the calories, it satisfies your sweet tooth and eating a LOT of something makes you feel less deprived” Jenny explains.

Concluding her latest blog post, Jenny recommends some excellent online resources that some of her readers brought to her attention.

These include a free presentation on an unusual way to lose belly fat, as a well as a link to GetFitDaily.com, a site for women who are looking to stay in shape.

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