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June 28, 2012

Internet Delegates Explore Green Prague With DotGreen

Prague, Czech Republic (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

The DotGreen Community, Inc., the premier representative promoting the launch of the new .green Top-Level Domain (TLD), introduced a greener Prague to delegates of the international ICANN conference taking place this week at the Hilton Hotel. The idea, vision and global concept of the .green online sustainability identifier has been in the works for almost five years. DotGreen´s application for the .green TLD proposes to offer people, companies, Non-profits and even governments a new path to expression of their sustainability commitments and efforts while bringing attention to the greater and global shift to greener business practices and greener lifestyles. The .green TLD makes it easy for Internet users, consumers, and world citizens to find the companies, products and programs they want which are associated with sustainability and health for people and planet. . In addition, Non-profit partners EarthShare and The DotGreen Foundation will distribute funds for projects and programs in all regions of the world.

Since ICANN´s New gTLD Big Reveal of new gTLDs in London, June 13, Prague takes center stage hosting ICANN during this historical time for the great Internet expansion. Dialogue about the new TLD program continues, and with initial evaluations starting, anticipated new strings known as extensions or the letters to the right of the dot will be added to the Internet root in 2013. New Top Level Domains will add choice for new website addresses and will better express the interests of their users and visitors. Most of the 1930 applications for new TLDs ICANN revealed come from a handful of portfolio applicants from the industry including three other competing applications for .green. The DotGreen Community has applied for only .green in order to offer a focus for global public benefit.

The advancement of the TLD process and the .green online sustainability identifier comes on the heels of Rio+20, where the world´s focus was on progressing sustainable development globally. Last week, the Rio Summit featured more than 500 side events and many presentations and delegates from around the world including Prof. Bedrich Moldan, from the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, and a presentation delivered by DotGreen upon invitation from the French delegation.

“We´ve been recognized as a positive addition to the industry in many countries, warmly welcomed at the Rio +20 Conferences, and now here in Prague,” said Roger. “DotGreen is encouraged by many to continue moving forward with .green for the benefit of people and planet.”

DotGreen also shared a greener side of Prague including sustainability education with over 60 international Internet delegates. This event took place prior to the 44th Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meetings held this week in Prague. Saturday´s event marks the second People & Planet gathering, hosted by DotGreen.

Public Transportation brought delegates to The Náplavka Farmer´s Market to purchase fresh local harvest for a picnic and a walking tour in Kinskeho Garden, after which local speakers shared their knowledge about Prague´s greener side. Later in the afternoon the participants had the option of either a walking tour of historic Prague sites or bike riding tour of the nearby Greenways.

Delegates heard from Daniel Mourek, active as Central and East European Greenways Coordinator at the Czech Environmental Partnership foundation (Nadace Partnerství, Prague) under the EPA umbrella for more than a decade. Nadace Partnerstvi´s goal is to create a greener region and to empower people to improve their environment through grants to NGOs, schools, and individuals. Mr. Mourek spoke about Green Prague: a city at the crossroad between provincial capital and modern, sustainable European city. The second presentation by Mr. Stanislav Miler, known for his Ecojourneys, discussed current use and future potentials of renewable energy sources in Czech Republic. Mr. Miler also shared his own sustainable lifestyle overhaul, and subsequent quest to bring education about the environment to young people.

“We wanted to open dialogue about green living on a personal level and the importance of community-wide initiatives which have a positive environmental impact,” said Annalisa Roger, Founder and CEO of DotGreen. “There is much the world can learn from Prague´s green initiatives, and it is essential the Internet play a role in embracing a local and global sustainable shift during this pivotal time for people and planet”.

ABOUT DOTGREEN COMMUNITY, INC.: DotGreen Community Inc. (DGC) was incorporated in February 2011 for the sole purpose of bringing the new .green Top Level Domain to the Internet for the advancement of the world´s shift to sustainable development at this crucial time for our planet. DGC works closely with the DotGreen Foundation in promoting and funding green and sustainability projects in all regions of the world with a partnership with EarthShare. The DotGreen Community, Inc.´s business expertise and focus is for the .green TLD and promoting the Internet for good for the benefit of people and planet, and has no other purpose or subsidiaries. http://www.dotgreen.org.

ABOUT DOTGREEN FOUNDATION : The DotGreen Foundation seeks to distribute funds to environmental and humanitarian projects, programs, and organizations engaged in education, awareness and action towards the goal of sustainability in all regions of the world. http://www.dotgreenfoundation.org

ABOUT EARTHSHARE: Located in Bethesda, MD, EarthShare has raised $300 million for more than 500 national and local member charities. EarthShare helps strengthen corporations and organizations by connecting hundreds of thousands of individuals, companies and public agencies with environmental and conservation groups through employee engagement and giving campaigns at workplaces across the United States. earthshare.org

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