Colleges Move Towards Bans on Smoking, Instigating New Electronic Cigarette Announcement From Cigarette Company

July 4, 2012

After a report was issued stating that United States colleges are making a collective effort to completely ban smoking on campuses, electronic cigarette company, Water Vapor Cigarettes, launched a new offer helping students find their ideal e-cigarettes to use on campuses.

Houston, TX. (PRWEB) July 04, 2012

After a nationwide-ban was motioned to prevent tobacco use on campuses, and several states already approved college campus smoking bans, as reported by the Bismarck Tribune, electronic cigarette company, Water Vapor Cigarettes launched a new review offer for college smokers. After states like California have already approved a movement to ban smokers in the state, and campuses like University of Missouri at Columbia have already made plans to go smoke free, the electronic cigarette company decided to launch a service to help student smokers find other options.

The new offer will help student smokers looking to find campus-friendly vapor cigarettes, see reviews on different options so they can find the best electronic cigarettes for their lifestyle. The reviews will focus on all types of electronic cigarettes including V2 cigs, in hopes that student smokers can find an option they enjoy. These vapor cigarettes help smokers not wanting to give up their smoking routine, avoid harmful substances like tar and other chemicals and will be allowed on the new smoke-free campuses.

The company hopes that the new program will provide a solution to the cigarette smokers that will be effected by the ban. By encouraging more students to switch to electronic cigarettes and to find their ideal electronic cigarettes, more students will be able to get the smoking sensation they enjoy while on campus, without worrying about harmful health effects or things like second hand smoke.

The vapor cigarette can be filled with different flavors and even levels of nicotine for current smokers, or can be completely nicotine free, depending on the needs of the user. The company launched the program, which provides reviews, offers, and other incentives, immediately after the nationwide announcement about government smoking bans on campuses. The new program can now be accessed by the public through the company´s website at http://water-vaporcigarette.com/v2cigsdeal/.

For more information on these e-cigarettes, and the company´s review offers visit http://water-vaporcigarette.com/v2cigsdeal/.

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