Jay Altman Announces Blog Dedicated To Debunking Fitness Myths!

July 8, 2012

Jay Altman, of Altman Fitness, is launching a blog to dispute a New York Times Article that he believes discouraged exercise.

(PRWEB) July 08, 2012

Altman Fitness is not happy about a recent article, by Gina Kolata, that was published by The New York Times. The article claimed “Exercise may be bad for some people.” Jay Altman of Altman Fitness in Minnesota, wants Americans to know that the article is informative, but, in his professional opinion, not 100% accurate.

“My opinion is the article is slightly irresponsible, especially for people, like me, who earn a living helping others regain and/or maintain their health,” says Jay Altman of Altman Fitness. “There are already a million excuses available for someone to not exercise. Saying exercise “could be dangerous” in a national newspaper could potentially strengthen an already fitness resistant crowd. My goal, with this press release, is to present the other side of the coin by announcing a blog-torial that I am starting!”

Altman admits the information in Kolata´s article wasn´t entirely wrong. People shouldn´t just “jump” into an aggressive exercise routine if they have heart condition or other medical issues. Everyone should see a doctor to gain sound medical advice and obtain guidelines before starting any exercise program. But, using an alarming lead, such as “Exercise may be bad for some people,” could provide those in need of exercise with an excuse to steer away from it- ultimately leading further obesity and poor health. “The wrong kind of exercise, or intense exercise, may be bad for some people, but the truth is we all need an appropriate level fitness training,” continued Altman.

The media is invited to speak with Jay Altman about his opinion on The New York Times article, and why he feels it could possibly do more harm than good. Media members, and the public, can check out Altman´s blog-torial, plus free tips- such as “Take caution when exercising in the heat,” and “Outsmart Temptation.” Jay and Kelly Altman own Altman Fitness in Minnesota. Together, the couple have grown their business and guided high school, college and pro athletes, in addition to top level executives to achieve phenomenal results in record time.

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